RECAP: Bad Moon Rising. PENS LOSE.

The usual mantra about not getting too low or too high still rings true. That doesn't make what happened last night any easier.  It was embarrassing, and it has nothing to do with how people want to perceive the opponent's skill level. There was booing.  There were obscenities. 

Here is what we know: there is something off about the Pens. Offensively, they look lost. 2 goals in the last 2 games.  With a defense as questionable as this one is, the offense has to take some of the load off the blue line, and it just isn't happening.
On the bright side, it's better for this to get worked out now rather than in the playoffs (again). Maybe the Pens are destined to be ordinary this season.  Those first two games in Philadelphia and MSG are a distant memory. Speaking of MSG, the Pens are headed there Thursday night.


Crosby and Malkin started the game.  Interesting wrinkle.

Okposo boarded CFA, and the Pens went on the PP. Yeah, that was rough. Isles had 2 shots. Pens had zero.
Pens got another PP when some joke went off for a high stick. The Pens got a shot on goal during those 2 minutes. Baby steps.
Jeffrey got his first look with Malkin/Neal and made some sweet pass coming through the neutral zone.

Isles laid in the cut all period then scored one late. The Paul Martin Index takes its first dive of the season.  Then again, MAF seemed really excited to poke-check and overcommited.


Cizikas is a thing.




Isles threatened early in the period. Pens answered back and were carrying the play.

Then vomit. Engelland bobbled a puck at the point. Michael Grabner picked up the puck and hit top speed by the time he reached the red line. He came down and squeaked one through MAF.
Grabner: "See you guys later. Leaving now."


Jeffrey-Malkin-Dupuis had an amazing shift later in the period. DJ was everywhere.  Letang kept the puck in with a leaping grab. The fans actually stood up for that. Then the Isles said bwahahah and carried it down the other way on a 2-on-1. Big save on Grabner by MAF.
Puck went the other way, and Neal took a penalty for some reason.  The Islanders set up their PP in 7 seconds. Great movement.

Oh, look — The Pens were gonna need MAF to keep Tavares in check. It's a recipe for success. But Tavares roofed a one-timer on the PP.


Pens were in the box again right after that.  And the Isles scored again.


Lovejoy got destroyed, and the Pens were gifted a 5-minute major penalty.

Fans started booing the anemic power play at the end of the second and into the third.


Vokoun replaced MAF to start the third.

That 5-minute power play continued, and the jeers continued. There was actually a moment where Crosby committed his 400th power-play turnover of the season, and the Pens faithful booed him. Crosby looked really off.

All cruise control for the third.  Getting out of the game injury-free was gonna be a mini-win.

LOL. Pens scored.

4-1. GAME.



-Despres looked sharp for the most part.
-Brian Strait had 21 minutes.  Played like Bobby Orr at times. Raises some questions.
-Dustin Jeffrey didn't look out of place regardless of who he was on the ice with. It will be maddening if Bylsma doesn't keep him in the lineup.
-So much for MAF's career record against the Islanders franchise.
-ROOT Sports had a good game.
-Bylsma didn't make any players available for an interview during the second intermission.
-A lot of talk about how bad the crowd was, again. At this point not sure if it is even worth talking about.


Those back-to-back PP goals by the Isles.  Probably not the "turning point," but it was a circle of Hell.