RECAP: Backup Plans. PENS WIN.

Oh, hey, what do the Isles and the Titanic have in common? Nothing, but there were more people on the Titanic than there were Islanders fans at the game.

There was excitment when the Pens traded for and signed Tomas Vokoun in the offseason. That excitement shifted to excrement after some less-than-solid performances from Vokoun in the early part of the season.
But against the Islanders, in this game, Vokoun showed what he can do. 
He kept the Penguins afloat during a really rough patch in the first period. Getting out of the first only down 1-0 was huge because the Pens played like Amanda Bynes.
The Pens were able to right the ship. Sutter with another GWG. 11 straight in your mouth.
The Flyers are coming into town Sunday night.
It's a chance to kick them in their sac.


Shitshow for the entire first period.  Pens were outshot 97-3. Pens were skating in mud.
Tomas Vokoun stood up in the torture chamber, though. He made several huge saves, including this one:
But you could feel a Islanders goal on the horizon, and they finally cashed in off a faceoff. 
Mark Streit scored one with a blast from the point. 1-0.
Vokoun's angle was LOL:
Awful job by Tanner Glass to not get to the point in time, too.

The real person to blame for the entire first period was that dick in the green-man suit:

The green-man thing was funny for 3 days, and it's a Vancouver thing.

Despite the Islanders playing as well as they did in the first 10 minutes, a few things were clear.

1. They were still the Islanders
2. The completely played themselves out.
3. The Pens didn't even throw a punch.
The Pens started to show some life with about five minutes left in the period. They got two good shifts from the fourth line, and one resulted in drawing a penalty. Big powerplay, but it went down in flames. Still, getting out 1-0 was a victory.


The second verse was the same as the first for a good while.  Finally the Pens broke through. Fifth Avenue Joe blacked out and scored some snipe. 


Pens started tilting the ice after the goal. Nabokov had to make some key saves. Vokoun was answering Nabokov blow for blow.

Late in the period, the Pens had a chance to get it out of their zone.  Like 45 seconds later, the Isles scored.  2-1.

Crosby made a bizarre pass during the sequence that eventually led to that Isles' goal, so he was pissed. He answered by setting up Kunitz with a Crosby backhand pass in the slot. Kunitz had time to settle it and beat Nabokov. 2-2.
If Kunitz stops scoring, the Pens may never win a game. There was a moment in this game where it looked like he got seriously injured. God.


The Pens didn't waste any time getting ahead. Less than two minutes in, Cooke and Sutter were on a two-on-one. Cooke waits till the last possible second to pass it to Sutter, who goes upstairs. 
Probably one of our favorite pics all year. Cooke and Sutter look like they just won the Tag Team belts. Pens fans everywhere.
The Pens had to kill two big penalties down the stretch, and they did with ease. The first one was about halfway through on Dupes  The second one was on Orpik with about 3 minutes to go.
Paul Martin just took over in the defensive zone during the Orpik PK. No clue if he even came off the ice. Unreal compete level from him. 
That penalty was killed, and Sutter missed an empty-netter. But it was fine. Pens held the fort. Dupes put home a buzzer beater.  4-2.



— Potash got jobbed by Fleury and Letang:

— He didn't have a great game, but Dustin Jeffrey won 64% of his faceoffs (7 for 11).

— Four GWGs for Sutter this season.

— James Neal was a force in the third period.

— Monster performance by Paul Martin. The defensive unit as a whole is just playing really well. And that's without Kris Letang right now.