QUICK CAP: Sutter free. Pens win.

What a hockey game this turned out to be.

Everything was going great. The ragtag defense, a completely new five-man unit, was playing above expectations.

But experience in the NHL isn't just given; it is learned, sometimes painfully. Up 3-1, the Pens wilted under the pressure from a desperate Rangers team. The Rangers tied it late after a penalty.

Then in overtime, Chris Kunitz got called for a simply awful goalie-interference call.

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Where is Kunitz supposed to go?

The Rangers' power play failed, and OT turned into bedlam. Then it went to a shootout. And…Brandon Sutter turned out the lights in MSG. Fun stuff.


3. John Moore

No clue who he is, but he played well for the Rangers.

2. Dupuis-Crosby-Kunitz.

They combined for two goals,and basically was the only NHL line the Penguins had.

1. Brandon Sutter.

He scored a sick goal, and he won it in a shootout. He owns real estate in King Henrik's head.