QUICK CAP: Pens stage come back after terrible start. Win in a shootout.

This game quickly went from "Pens may need to trade some players or something" to "Jesus, what a hockey game."
The Penguins were down 4-1 and 5-3, but they stormed back each time. In fact, in the midst of the third-period storming, the Penguins held the Leafs without a shot.
The Penguins made a ton of mistakes. A ton. But when you have 71 and 87 on the ice, they can mask everything.
Crosby got the Pens all charged up after he tussled with Phaneuf. Then Malkin went nuts in the third period, setting up one goal and scoring another. Two more points banked, probably more problems to ignore. Welcome to Penguins hockey.

Our Three Stars

3. Phil Kessel
Kessel is somewhat terrifying when he has space. The Pens gave him a ton of space in the first two periods, and he made them pay.
2. Simon Despres
Despres was the only Penguins D-man that didn't vomit on himself multiple times. Stellar game. 
1. Evgeni Malkin
Two goals, an assist, and the shootout winner. Malkin is returning to form after a few off weeks. He now is only three points behind Crosby for the NHL lead.
Overall hell of a game. Probably no extended recap coming. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.