QUICK CAP: Pens pull out a point but lose in OT

The Penguins lost in OT, but they got a point thanks to this miracle tap-in by Sidney Crosby:

The Penguins dominated most of the game despite trailing for most of it. After the Pens tied it at 2, the Bruins came on and got a goal. That goal went off of Sidney Crosby's stick.

So of course Crosby would find a way to make up for it and tie it.

In OT, though, the Penguins blew an assignment (Crosby yikes), and the Bruins won it 4-3.


Our Three Stars

3. Sidney Crosby

You score with .3 left, you get a star.

2. James Neal

Neal's release, dear god. Two goals on the night. Before Crosby scored, Neal had scored the Pens' last four goals.

1. Rask

Rask was insane all game long. He stole the game, plain and simple.