QUICK CAP: Pens just keep winning. LOLeafs.

The Leafs must have felt right at home amongst all the AHL caliber players. It's too bad they made two mistakes.

1. They pissed off Sidney Crosby.

2. They lost sight of him for one second.

Career minor leaguer Nazem Kadri got Crosby all jammed around, and then with five minutes left Crosby waited for a chance. He got one. Game.

The game also featured a possible head-shot by Robert Bortuzzo. Bortuzzo was awesome in this game, and it sure looked like the guy he hit put himself in a bad place. But contact with the head was made, so the head-shot justice league will be out in full force.


3. Marc-Andre Fleury

Fleury is a different goalie right now. Plain and simple, he gave the Leafs nothing.

2. Olli Maatta

Holy god is Maatta good. He played big-money minutes and played flawlessly. Jarring performances by him.

1. Crosby

Crosby had all of the Leafs' attention. He still scored the game winner. Nazem Kadri, lol.