QUICK CAP: Pens fall in Montreal 3-2.

Haunting picture there. God.

This game was a vintage game in Montreal. Really entertaining game to watch. The Pens played a solid road game until the first couple minutes of the third period. They let the Habs score twice, and that ended up being the difference, even though the Pens fought hard to get back, and make it 3-2 late.

Unbelievable battle mentally and physically betweet P.K Subban and Sidney Crosby as well.


3. James Neal

Neal scored two really nice goals in the third to bring the Pens withing striking distance. 

2. P.K. Subban

Subban went toe to toe with Crosby and shut him down for the most part. He is a dick, but have to apperciate the theatre of those two battling.

1. Max Pacioretty

Elite performance by Pacioretty. He scored two goals, both off of turnovers by the Pens.