Previewing the weekend

Got a feeling tonight is going to be an unbelievable game. In an alternate universe where the Predators would be in the Metro, they'd probably be battling the Pens for the division lead. Instead, they're in the Central Division with some pretty dominant teams.

But the Preds have gone 4-5-0 in their division, which isn't too awful. But the thing to look at is their goal differential. They have scored 38 while giving up an insane 57. And that means that when they lose, they really go down in flames. Coming into tonight, the last game of a 7-game road trip, they have lost their last 3 games and have been outscored 13-1.

Since losing their first 7 games (jesus), they've gone 6-3-2, which ain't too shabby. This is a big weekend for them, with both the Kings and Pens coming into town.