Presenting: The Marc-Andre Fleury Psychological Applied behavior analysis Index

R.I.P. Paul Martin Confidence Index. It was a great ride.

The Marc-Andre Fleury Psychological Applied Behavior Analysis Index will go into registering whenever Marc-Andre Fleury gives up more than three goals. We will look at many factors and make a determination on where his index is. Today's index is rated by his reaction to giving up the fourth goal in Tampa.


As you can see, Fleury doesn't immediately skate to the corner as usual. He stares down the player for Tampa who scored, and moves on. This is a positive behavior.

For this, the Index is rated at :

Danny Tanner speech calm

Fleury could've have flipped out on Paul Martin for losing his guy, but he didn't. Much like Danny Tanner, Fleury remained calm, and moved on. Much like when DJ Tanner did something fucking stupid.