Peter Chiarelli is a giant baby, Boston Typical

Somewhere in the rulebook of life there is this rule:

"Under no circumstances should anyone ever feel bad for Bruins fans."

But don't tell Pete Chiarelli. He called the first ever press conference about not getting a player so everyone could feel bad for him.

"Now, these things happen all the time, more than you know, about deals going south for whatever reason. We believed we had a deal. We operated on the premise that we had a deal,” Chiarelli said. “In my experience, when things go silent, things are going screwy from your end, and it was. So later that night, around quarter to 12, I got a call from Jay saying that it was the player’s choice and he opted to go to Pittsburgh, so we were out.


“So, that’s it in a nutshell.”


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All that was missing was Cam Neely faking another knee injury.

Oh well. 

Here is Jarome Iginla tribute video: