Top Five Moments In Penguins-Senators Playoff History

For whatever reason, the Penguins and Senators have met an unrealistic amount of times in the playoffs. This year's series does mark the first time they haven't met in the first round.

The matchups have delivered some great moments.
First, some honorable mentions.
— 2008, Gary Roberts scoring the first goal of the series then basically fighting the entire Senators team.

— And then there was Andy Sutton and his "Are You An Expert?"

So odd.

Our top five moments:


5.  2008 Quarterfinals Game 3 — The Intro from hell

Maybe the most embarrassing intro of all time. No one is even sure that the Senators have recovered from it. 

Imagine how much the guy who played the Senator regrets this. He probably stayed up the night before hyping himself up. The Pens steamrolled the Sens in this series in a sweep.

4. 2008 Quarterfinals Game 2 — Ryan Malone's GWG

Our recap from back in the day: The Great Escape

The Penguins were up 3-0 in this game, and the Senators came storming back to tie it. Under two minutes to go, Martin LaPointe took a bad penalty, and the Pens got a power play. That's when Ryan Malone scored a huge goal on a wraparound.

6:25 mark of this vid:

Pens went on to win the game and the series.

3. 2007 Quarterfinals Game 2 — Crosby's GWG

Our recap from 2007: Salvation Lies Within

The Penguins were outclassed in this series, but this was the first time in the playoffs in six years. In his second career playoff game, Crosby delivered. He redirected a, gasp, Mark Reechi pass into the net behind Ray Emery to cash in the GWG.

Remember this game like it was just yesterday. Roberts' hit. Ouellet's pass to Staal dkmdkksdmdkm.


2. 2010 Quarterfinals Game 2 — Crosby takes Spezza for a ride

A lot of moments in Game 2's. Crosby at his best.


1. 2010 Quarterfinals Game 6 — Dupes wins it

An underrated goal that no one talks about because the Pens got beat in the next round. The Penguins were down 3-0 at one point in this game. There were three replay reviews on goals.

Afrer Matt Cooke tied it in regulation, Dupes won it in OT.

H/T to Shnarped for their post on complete Pens/Sens hate. Definitely go read that.