More info about Pens’ NHL Stadium Series logo

There it is. [ Pens Facebook ]

And there is some great info, including shots of all the teams' chrome logos, at Icethetics.

-The Islanders logo doesn't have the traditional Long Island silhouette in the background, meaning this is probably what they're gonna use when leaving Nassau. Looks like Icethetics de-chromed it in the picture above to give everyone an idea of what the normal logo may look like. No clue if they're gonna keep the Islanders name, and we haven't been really keeping up to speed on all those goings-on. The jersey with that logo is on sale but hasn't even been seen yet. It's probably gonna look badass.

-Another bit of information. You can pretty much forget about the Pens using 1991 throwbacks.

-And no clue on whether or not teams will slap these chrome logos onto existing uniforms or if the chrome logos are just for the marketing of the games.