Penguins made an offer to Letang. Let the games begin.

A couple things this morning. First:


This differs from what Rob Rossi has said:

Letang's agent, Kent Hughes, said he and Shero are “still talking.”
“No resolution at this point,” Hughes said.
Letang tied for the NHL lead among defensemen with 38 points despite missing 13 games.

Ignore the differences for a second. That isn't the story here. The story is here the Penguins are playing the game.

There is a pattern.

— Two years ago they made an offer to Talbot. He rejected.

— Last year they made an offer to Staal. He rejected.

— If the Pens make or have made an offer to Letang, who wants to bet he rejects it?

Letang is reportedly jammed up that the Pens don't think he is their number one defensive man. Letang jammed up over something minor? Nahhhh it couldn't be.

Leahy thinks maybe the Pens won't rush anything. But in our opinion, Letang goes by the draft, especially if the Pens think he is worth a draft pick, prospect and roster player.