Penguin fan Tim Hare tells his story about the Boston Marathon bombing

Just got this email. Insanely small word:

I have been an avid reader for a few years and have emailed you guys a few times. I was the one who got jobbed a couple years back by my friend Wayne who told me Crosby was at a Bruins game in the press box upset at their team play. This turned out to be true. Yesterday I ran the Boston Marathon and I was incredibly close to the second blast. After having a brush with death, I can't tell you how nice it is to read The Pensblog today and think about something I care very much about The Pens. I appreciate how much effort you guys put into the blog and I check it every day. Thanks you for taking my mind off things for even a few mins. Below is a clip of my ugly mug discussing what I saw that's been all over the news, and my fund raising page where I proudly display my Geno Shersey. 

Here is Tim telling his story on ABC news:


Beyond scary. Thoughts with our friends in Boston over at DaysofY'Orr.