Paul Martin Confidence Index in-your-mouth levels

The Paul Martin Confidence Index began back on January 14th.

After a tumultuous season last year, the Pens needed a rebound year from Paul Martin, and they've gotten it.

Paul Martin has risen in these playoffs, as well. He has 7 points, tied for second-best among D-men behind Chara's 10. His +6 is third-best in the playoffs, behind Voynov and Chara.

He also has goals in two straight games now, including his game-tying goal in Game 6 against the Isles. During the season, we always say "Player X is gonna score a big goal in the playoffs." Well, that game-tying goal is up there in terms of big goals so far this post-season for the Pens.

And get this: Paul Martin is averaging nearly 26 minutes a night…and he has zero penalty minutes. Zero. That basically guarantees he's gonna take a penalty tonight in Game Two, so we'll also say that Erik Karlsson hasn't been called for a penalty while seeing 27 minutes a night.

Go Pens.