No Update on Fleury, Gionta says hands are clean, video says otherwise

First off , the Pens didn't have anything to report on Fleury. [ Pens ] You'd be hard pressed to find a less informative paragraph ever.

For what it is worth, Letang told reporters after the game that Fleury will be fine. But as someone pointed out Letang is also the same person that flew to Russia 48 hours before the lockout ended. h/t @mikedarnay

Brian Gionta was quoted after the game:

“If you watch the replay, their guy falls on Fleury and it’s pretty much self-explanatory,” Gionta said.

 The video says otherwise, dick. Watch this gif:

1. Gionta made a point to get his left skate in front of Tyler Kennedy, and get Kennedy off balance.
2. He then turns slightly, directing Kennedy right into Marc-Andre Fleury.
3. He skates through Kennedy, propelling him right thru Fleury.
What an unbelievable gutless play by a player who has history hurting goaltenders.
Gionta won't be fined or suspended because the league doesn't discipline Canadien players. Get real.