New Pensblog “Storeblog” T-Shirt Store

As you may know, we used to have an online store called "Storeblog" that had t-shirt designs from Stephen S available. Unfortunately, a lot of the actual t-shirts available weren't the greatest quality, so we ended up shutting it down. 

Now we stopped being lazy, set up a Spreadshirt store and loaded a bunch of Stephen's shirt designs into it. These shirts are all American Apparel shirts, so the quality should definitely be better than what we had available before.

Check out the designs at:

We have men's and women's styles available. You should be able to change the shirt color on all of the designs as well. If you have any questions or notice anything wrong, let us know and we'll fix it if we can.

BONUS: Spreadshirt currently has a coupon code available: Free shipping at Spreadshirt with 2 products or more from March 11-22, 2013 with Coupon code: EASTER2013