Mike Colligan on Potential Pittsburgh Penguins Trades

As always, Mike Colligan delivers an elite performance on a big topic. From the Hockey Writers:

The Penguins will — and do — have interest in Jarome Iginla.

What playoff team wouldn’t want Jarome Iginla?

Come to think of it, what organization can’t call themselves a possible playoff team at this point?

Approximately halfway through the season, the last place Florida Panthers are five points out in the East and the Columbus Blue Jackets are six points out in the West. The shortened season and last year’s magical run of the 8-seed Los Angeles Kings gives every team and GM hope that this could still be the year.

Then consider the fact the salary cap will fall from $70.2m to $64.3m next season. Most teams have plenty of pro-rated cap space to play with right now, but no GM wants to take on salary beyond this year.

Sounds like quite a market for rentals by the name of Iginla, Sergei Gonchar or Daniel Alfredsson, huh?

The asking prices for each will be through the roof and some desperate playoff team will pay it.

I’m not sure Shero and the Penguins will.

There's also some great insight into the trade that brought James Neal to Pittsburgh in that post. Read it.