Malkin returns tonight, but he isn’t the only thing returning

So Malkin is back tonight. [ ]
But he isn't the only one.
The Penguins Country Club, closed in 2006, is apparently back.  If you remember the good old days, the Penguins Country Club was a term coined because the Penguins players basically did whatever they wanted and endured no accountability at all, thanks to player-friendly coaches.
It is becoming more and more evident that this may be the case now.
Case in point. Tyler Kennedy took two crippling penalties Saturday night. He will play again tonight. And Beau Bennett, who played a strong game, will be out of the lineup. No accountability. At all. And instead of playing a player who is young, they lean to the "veteran" TK.
The TK and Bennett situation isn't the only example.
Hopefully the Penguins' next giveaway includes golf hats, because the country club is back, jack.

EDIT: Also, Zach Boychuk has apparently been placed on waivers.