Local stay-at-home mother is mad at James Neal (UPDATED)

Looking at her tweets, what apparently happened is a woman and her 4-year-old son were trying to get James Neal to autograph a stick. Allegedly, James Neal looked at the stick and said, "That's not my stick." If the woman's reaction to Neal's response is any indication, Neal then powerbombed the kid.


"Been more than nice to your son," meaning she's a regular, and they probably have like 30 Neal autographs.


Amateur move by this woman if she wanted Neal to sign a stick that wasn't his. She says she has a video of the whole thing, but it sounds like posturing. This is why we can't have nice things.


UPDATE: Discovering information all across the Internet. Neal has signed things for her (son) before, and some people may view her as a racist.

UPDATE 2: She has responded on Facebook. ( We've blacked out the last name).


Her name isn't on the blog. Her tweets are on the blog. Don't have to ask for "permission." Another vague reference to some video, too.


For the record, we don't want to post it here because it's really offensive, but here's the racist comments.