LINK CITY: Recap Round-ups, Flyer Beat Writers jammed.

Some other recaps from the opener

— @pensbender with a good write up;

On the play Beau Bennett made a ridiculous one-touch pass to Kobasew in stride. Kobasew then dropped it off to Sutter who quickly turned it to the net. After weaving through the Devil defense on his way to the net, Kobasew found himself in the right place at the right time.

—  at ThePensnation goes indepth as usual:

Matt Niskanen – Most of us expected Niskanen to be on another roster by now, but there he was on opening night having himself a solid season debut. He contributed to two of the Penguins goals (getting 1 assist) and had 5 blocked shots in a strong defensive effort. Niskanen flashed both sides of his two-way abilities and may turn out to be an even bigger asset than expected as he tries to prove his value to the team.

—  Pensburgh

This game makes me remember Game 1 against the Islanders in the playoffs. Fleury had a shutout then too. It's what comes after this that matters. But in one instance, when MAF had a puck fly by him, hit the post, hit his back and then he quickly reached behind his back to glove the puck. Post-game, Fleury joked about watching the Pirates too much to make such a play.

Flyer Beat writers lol

Crossing Broad dug this up, and it is amazing. Flyer beat writers got pissed at Flyers for naming their goalies via instragram. Angry emails followed. [ Crossing Broad ]


Pic of the day

 The flex on AO's stick. [ reddit-hockey ]