LINK CITY: Reaction to Game 6 Winner

Still no word on Game 1. Bruins/Leafs and Caps/Rangers seventh heaven tonight.


We saw the Pens reaction to Orpik's goal. Now here is some fan reaction.

– At the big screen

that via The Freakshow.

– From Shane Ramos:

"Just wanted to share this reaction vid from a Pens bar in San Francisco. My buddy Mark had perfect timing and had the cameras rolling when Brooks Orpik nailed the game winner. Props also go out to my other buddy Jesse for pointing out the stunned Isles fan in front of the bar. Gotta love it when the bartender (guy in baby blue shirt) stopped serving beer for a second to join the hug pile. Definitely exercised the 1993 demon. Gotta love Penguin OT winners. Love the blog!!! Go Pens!!! "

So awesome. If anyone has any others, send them our way.


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Toronto after Kessel's goal: