LINK CITY: PSU Hockey, PG continues offseason war, BizNasty and some guy.

A cool pic of Pegula Ice Arena at PSU:

Sharp looking place. It will be cool to watch PSU grow its hockey program. They have a ways to go to get to RMU's level, but the addition of an arena catches them up a lot.

Bylsma Jury Duty snooorree

The PG contuines covering the municpalities like a high school newspaper. Their latest story, Bylsma Benched from Jury Duty, is pretty stupid.

Really a meaningless story. Plus if Bylsma gets on a jury, it'd be impossible to change his mind no matter what the evidence would be.

Idiot of the week

Guy trolls Biz Nasty on twitter, then gets owned. [ deadspin ]

GIF of the day

via Freakshow. Jody Mercer after a Pedro Alvarez triple


Pirates win again btw.

Read of the day

This thread on Reddit. wow.


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