LINK CITY: Pens’ schedule leaked? Business starts today

This is the actual front page of the Trib online this morning:

It's great to be back.
Also according to Rob Rossi this morning, the Pens will open up with four of five on the road:
The first will take them to Philadelphia (Jan. 19) and the New York Rangers (Jan. 20). The team then heads to Winnipeg (Jan. 25) and Ottawa (Jan. 27), sources said.

Yesterday @LisamATC alerted us to TicketMaster maybe posting the Pens home schedule. It was removed, but she copied them down:


That seems to be consistent with the info that's out there. We'll see.

Once the MOU, Memorandum of Understanding, is signed, things should start happening really quick. That is expected to happen this afternoon. Once it does, trades, signings, etc., all can start going down.



Oh hey look, Erik Cole is being a giant bitch:

“I enjoyed my time at home and the kids are in school here until the end of June and we’ll reevaluate things after that,” said Cole, referring to the extra time he spent with his family during the lockout.


Cole is not thrilled about some of the financial concessions the players made compared to the previous CBA and that appears to be a key consideration as he ponders his future.

Hope a line was added to the CBA that includes "no player will be suspended if they break Erik Cole's neck again."



Bye Brian Burke: