LINK CITY: Pants in pocket Crosby returns

Every pic Crosby takes with someone his hands are always in his pocket. Here is the latest one:

Other examples here, and here. No word yet if the Post Gazette plans more investigating of this issue.

Connor McDavid training with Gary Roberts

Dr. James Mirtle with an interesting look at ellite prospect Connor McDavid. [ GlobeAndMail ]

Only the third player in OHL history to be granted “exceptional player status” last year, to allow him to play major junior at 15, McDavid appears to be the latest young player to set to make good on the “Next One” designation.

On a side note if you want to follow McDavid in Erie, start with Point Park grad . This past offseason he was hired as the play-by-play man for the Erie Otters.


If you haven't seen this yet… no words.


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