LINK CITY: Oregon Trail, NHL Pop Culture, Pens PK

Interesting note from Eliotte Friedman 30 thoughts:

22. Despite all of the offence, coach Dan Bylsma has taken great pains to show the Penguins video of goals they scored from getting the puck deep in the offensive zone and winning battles there. There's a still a mindset problem in Pittsburgh — they can outscore you and they know it. Trouble starts when they make mistakes carrying the puck in neutral ice.

23. Bylsma has also spent a lot of practice time on "fronting" drills in the defensive end. Martin St. Louis really praised their work in that area following Pittsburgh's 4-3 win over Tampa on March 4. "I saw him after the game," Brooks Orpik said. "He said it was impossible to get to the net against us." Now they've got to be more consistent at it.

Is fronting canadian for giving up unlimited goals? Minus the Isles game, the Pens D zone play has been awful. Will be interesting to see if someone breaks this down. Looking at you , @jmarshfof

Two great reads on the internet today.

1. 21 ways Oregon Trail traumatized you as a kid. [ buzzfeed ]

8. For no reason whatsoever, members of your party begin to contract a myriad of painful diseases.
So fucking true.

2. NHL Pop Culture [ Tumblr ]

A site that tracks NHL stuff in TV shows. Yess please. 
For some stupid reason the page hasn't been updated since September. Someone needs to carry the torch.