LINK CITY: No dice on Sustr, Pens and advanced stats

Marty Brodeur and Jordan Staal last night:

Saw this comment on twitter " Brodeur scores on something besides his sister in-law," that joke is the joke that has survived the test of time.


Four good links

— So Sustr signed with the Bolts. [ ]

— MUST READ alert. Another mention of advanced stats. This time focusing on the Pens. [ Mirtle ]

We've been saying it for the last couple of days and even before that. Advanced stats are coming, and there is nothing you can do about it. From the Mirtle story:

While Neal was just 22 years old and viewed as a rising talent when the Dallas Stars moved both he and Matt Niskanen to the Penguins in exchange for defenceman Alex Goligoski back in February of 2011, what tipped the balance for Pittsburgh in terms of going for Neal over anyone else was what MacKinnon calls his “conversion rate.

The article outlines the fears that Pens had though, when Neal didn't do anything in the last 27 games:

“We made the deal and in the final 27 games of that season he scored a total of two goals,” MacKinnon said during his presentation. “I remember just like it’s yesterday having this conversation with my GM – and, believe me, scouts have been fired for less in the business – and he said ‘you know, Dan, everyone likes James Neal. He plays hard, he hits guys, but he scored two goals.’ But he never got to play with [Evgeni] Malkin and [Sidney] Crosby [who were injured at the time]… and I said, to truly evaluate this guy, we’re going to have to give him time playing with these centremen.”

It is going to be awesome to watch all of the people against advanced stats now laud them only because the Penguins are doing it.


— Colligan lurking big on the internet again. A really good podcast over at GTOG. [ Get to Our Game ]

— New artist in town. Some really good stuff for sale. [ Brittany Brubaker ]


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GIF of the day

The accompaning story is the reason for the gif of the day. No one talks about how awesome the Score's Justin Bourne is. He has a great post on smelling salts. [ Backhand  Shelf ]

Most guys will sniff them until they get that punch – the ammonia aroma alone doesn’t do it, you need that punch – then they’ll be done with it for the day. If you see a guy who needs it at the start of the second, and he’s likely not playing well.

They should hand these things out to people that ride public transportation in our opinon.