LINK CITY: Letang, realignment, Tim Benz, must-see video

- Malkin and Neal want some help.  And here's a James Conley joint about Kunitz reuniting with 71 and 18.

- Letang and Nisk are close.  Seth tweeted that Letang was injured in the Super Bowl Washington game.

- Seth also did an interview with Zach Boychuk.

- Here's more about MAF upgrading fans' tickets.

More after the jump, including video of a goalie flipping off his team…

- Here are some Marty Brodeury GIFs from RMNB.

- NHL scoring is down.

- NHL realignment for 2013-14 may become a reality by March.


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- Blackhawks, at 5:1, are the new Stanley Cup favorites.  Pens are 6:1.  We put $100 on the Canes at 22:1 before the season. They are now 30:1.

- John Tavares: The next NHL superstar.

- Dallas Stars TV ratings have nearly doubled this season. Seth coined it The Double J effect.

- If you have a huge dump on the horizon, here's an article about how the shootout has changed the NHL regular season.

- Some high-school senior goalie allegedly was pissed that he lost playing time to a hot-shot sophomore. So he put the puck in his own net then flipped off his bench:

- And finally, we were wondering why the meltdown of a media personality this past Friday wasn't considered a big deal by the Pittsburgh media. Turns out Tim Benz is married to a Tribune-Review columnist.  Benz returned to the air today.