LINK CITY: Leaf fans trolling, What it’s like to be hit by Orpik, The Royal Half, Colligan

The Hawks move to 16-0-3. Hossa with the OT goal. Look at that face. Christ.

Leaf fans are so much less annoying when they are trolling other fanbases. via @VanessaElleS

Brooks Orpik destroys KDKA's Jory Rand after the jump.

True story: The summer after the Penguins Cup win, we were invited to a party to see the Stanley Cup. We waited like 3 hours in some line. Behind us was Jory Rand from KDKA. Probably one of the nicest human beings of all time. So here he is getting wrecked.

Whose idea was it for the check to happen right at the stanchion?


The Royal Half took over the LA Kings twitter feed last night:


Too good.
Go Pens