LINK CITY: Jeff Schultz trolls Crosby kind of, Canucks are dicks, more trade rumors

via Russian Machine Only Shows Up When He Wants To:

Really strange thing. Schultz is a minus 7 this season so whatever.

The Caps are basically playing for their playoff lives:

Probably going to see their best effort.

After the jump the Canucks are the worst, and some other shit.



Good friend Mike W. sent this story along. The Canucks screwed some italian doctor over:

"Aquilini told the plaintiff that he was very concerned about the physical and psychological condition of the Canucks players, and the negative impact it had on their performance in the Stanley Cup final," the claim says.


"Aquilini told the plaintiff that he was the person the Canucks needed to improve the players' physical and psychological condition."

He got paid big money, and then in December:

But in December 2012, during the NHL lockout, Demichelis claims the Canucks fired him because the club was unable to apply on his behalf for an extension of his work permit because "there are qualified Canadians available to do the work.



Elliotte Friedman had his regular 30 thoughts column Monday. In it he says GMs aren't going to pay steep prices.

Dave Molinari had some interesting names that we haven't seen, this one was appealing:

Buffalo D Robyn Regehr ($4.02 million) Has long been a quality shutdown man, but he's one of many Sabres having a miserable season. Instead of being one of the most coveted free-agents-to-be, Regehr might just be the best of those who were born in Brazil.

Regehr is a monster, may just need out of emoville. Molinari also mentioned Ladislav Smid , and gasp… Ryan Whitney.

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