LINK CITY: How the Malkin deal got done, Haters guide to Bylsma

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– Great read from Rob Rossi on how the Pens and Malkin came to an agreement. [ trib ]

Last fall, upon returning to Pittsburgh from playing with his Russian hometown Metallurg Magnitogorsk during the NHL lockout, Malkin informed his agent, J.P. Barry, he wanted to sign a long-term deal with the Penguins. However, he did not want to negotiate until after the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Also interesting to see that Shero spoke to Crosby to make sure it was okay with him that Malkin will technically be the Penguins' highest-paid player.

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Late-January, 2014 – Pens slump heading into the Olympics. Tell your dog that you can't see Bylsma as head coach once everyone returns from Russia, and you would've gotten rid of him back in June if you had your way. The dog humps your leg.


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