LINK CITY: Game 4 usually the toughest

Someone may die in the Sens/Habs game tonight.

You know it's playoff time when you're visiting every morning. According to that great website, history tells us that teams in the Pens' position (leading a seven-game series 2-1 and playing Game 4 on the road) are 120-129 all-time in Game 4. That's a winning percentage of .482.

Dejan wants the Pens to hit more.

— In case anyone gives a shit about Kerry Fraser's opinion on the Strait/Crosby thing, here it is.

Anyone know what Claude Giroux is up to? We do…

Claude. Giroux. Singing. Karaoke. In. May.


It's making the rounds on the Internet. Charles Ramsey's 911 call.

Go Pens