LINK CITY: Everyone is breaking down the tying goal

( The Drake Meme is the best )

Jesse from Faceoff-Factor brings it:

I don’t place a single ounce of blame for this goal on one player more than another. After repeatedly watching it, all five guys bear the burden of blame. And I can exemplify that in one simple screen cap.

Hooks at Pensburgh does his thing:

5 Sutter – not really his fault. Used his positioning to push them towards the wall upon entry to blue line and tried to get there to deflect the pass. Failed to do so, of all the players out there, he was the only one consistent in what he was doing, just got there a tick too slow.

GTOG has some thoughts:

And who replaces Crosby on the ice?  Brandon "I play like the back of a piece of sandpaper" Sutter.  Maybe Sutter is an OK defensive player and we could understand him being out there if it was for a face-off  but when you're up a man you cannot simply try to keep everything to the outside and get in shooting lanes.  YOU'RE UP A MAN.  Go get the puck.

Rob Rossi chimes in:

Letang and Malkin headed to the bench flashing signs of frustration. Crosby tried to boost Malkin by stick-tapping his shin guard. Veteran defenseman Brooks Orpik motioned with his hand for Letang to calm down.

Got some other stuff, including John Steigerwald making another appearance…

Elsewhere on the Internet…

— Someone sent us the brilliant work of John Steigerwald. This is hilarious:

That " Craig Andrews" goalie, guys. He is a real tough goalie to beat.

— Those pesky WBS Penguins have battled back from a 3-0 series deficit to force a Game 7 Wednesday night.


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