LINK CITY: Crosby was a dick to his littler sister, dev camp round-up, Sochi hype

Sidney Crosby trolled his sister when they were younger. [ IIhf  ]

Well yeah as any older brother is. I remember when I was growing up I’d watch The Lion King and get upset at the part where Simba’s father dies. He would tease me and re-enact the same scene. It was terrible!

Crosby re-enacting the scene where Simba's father died? Oh man. Pretty good read on Taylor Crosby who may be making a run at a spot on the Canadian Women's National team.

h/t to Adrian F for the find.


It was hard to get interested in Dev Camp this year. Mainly because the Penguins have shifted away from playing young players. But, tons of great coverage this week from some other blogs. 

— @LGP_netwolf with his recap of the scrimmage. [ lgp ]

Marcantuoni already has NHL speed, and he was using it to create chances most of the game. He might have been the most dangerous forward out there. In the second, he got his stick up on Garnet Hathaway (a college player attending on an amateur tryout) and actually caught him on the penalty shot, which I think is only the 2nd or 3rd time I've seen that happen in all the time I've been watching theses. Hathaway still managed to get a shot off and it dribbled through Murray. With the speed he has, he'll be able to have a good pro career as long as he can play smart. If he can develop the rest of his game in addition, the Pens could have a bit of a steal on their hands.

— @H_P_Hockey has been great all week. His recap. [ HPH ]

— The Pensnation with their recap. [ TPN ]


Sochi Hype, Other Good Reads

— Dejean makes an important point here. The Sochi games could be Malkin's show. [ Trib ]

— DGB with a big time read on advanced stats we really reccoment. [ grantland ]

— A young Patrick Kane meets Joe Sakic:

h/t reddit/hockey

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