LINK CITY: Concussions, locker rooms, and bathrooms

Scary situation in Montreal last night:

Eller sustained a concussion, plus dental and facial fractures. Everything got kicked up a notch when The Ottawa Sun decided to run this cover:

Reader Luiz wondered what a Trib cover what look like:

Well done.

We got more stuff…

–Speaking of concussions, here's a pretty good read on Eric Lindros from an ESPN The Mag coming out soon. Thanks to @Teacherboy4 for the heads-up.

–An awesome gallery of photos from deep inside CONSOL Energy Center popped up on the Internet Thursday. Good shit.

–The Penguins are also one of the most-watched teams in America. [ Awful Announcing ]

–Worried that MAF having a newborn baby to deal with will affect his performance? Kunitz had a baby during the Cup run in 2009. Thanks to @PenguinsMarch for the lnk.

–BSHARVEST sent this video along.

–Greg in Bellevue sent this one along.

–Someone decided to play a game of hockey wearing Google Glasses. [ Gizmodo ]

This was spotted in a men's bathroom at Duffy's Sports Bar in south Florida:

–No clue where this is from. Some of Crosby's superstitions: