LINK CITY: Bruins System Breakdown, Ryan Mill.

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Almost there. Final round up of some links.

— Mike Colligan with a must-read on the Bruins systems.  [ THW ]

In the picture below, the Bruins dumped the puck to Douglas Murray’s (3) corner.  He passed it to Matt Niskanen (2) behind the net and we see F2 attack the puck:

Niskanen’s easiest option under pressure is to fire the puck around the boards to the far-side winger.  In this case, Beau Bennett (19) is seeing the play develop and skating hard to get in position for an outlet pass.  The center Pascal Dupuis (9) is swinging into position for support.

Colligan's work here is so good. He shows how the Pens will respond as well

@TPBAdam was quoted in this story about Ryan Mill. [ PG

We were probably Mill's toughest critics when he first started. He's tweaked his act, solid efforts by him of late.

— It's June. whoa.

—  The Trib is feeling Morrow. [ TRIB ]

— Awesome piece on why Canada Can't win a cup. [ NY TIMES ]

— Cool infograph from TSN: