LINK CITY: Boobs, Crosby Today Show sign, cool Morrow story

Games in Carolina always bring out the best in Penguin fans. Last night was no different:

pic via BaconSports

— Stunned kid in Carolina last night:

— Really well done piece on Brenden Morrow from a stars fan. [ 10 for 10 ]

h/t to  for the tip.

Some really cool pics too.

— Speaking of Morrow's. Meant to link this last week. Our good buddy TJ McAloon intereviewed Joe Morrow. [ The statesman ]

The Stars are actually creeping up in the west:

How fun are the final two weeks going to be?


After the jump, Crosby makes it onto the today show, Don Cherry and a racoon



h/t to the Freakshow for the spot.

Video of the day

A cat makes a big time save.

Tweet(s) of the day

This may be the funniest Don Cherry will ever be. Read from bottom up: