LINK CITY: Vokoun wants to be the man, Iginla, Crosby free


This brilliant piece by Mike Colligan is from Friday, but it is a must-read on Tomas Vokoun and Fleury. [ The Hockey Writers ]

“You play all those years because you want to have a chance to make a difference and be in playoff hockey. Over the years, when I was on other teams and we didn’t make the playoffs, you realize how special it is. You always envy the guys you see on TV playing for [the Stanley Cup] and you don’t have that chance. I think from that perspective you really have to embrace it.”

So many great quotes from Vokoun.

Also from The Hockey Writers comes this piece about Jarome Iginla. [ THW ]

Eight weeks after nearly becoming a Bruin, and six weeks after his most recent visit to Boston, Jarome Iginla and the Pittsburgh Penguins will tangle with the Bruins in the Eastern Conference Final. Iginla will face being a reviled figure for the first time in his playing career, with a trip to the finals at stake

In our opinon this may be the top storyline. Iginla doesn't need motivation, but some booing from the Boston crowd will jam him up. Could be a monster series from him.

Speaking of the Bruins…

What is more shocking: Milan Lucic stringing together enough words to make a sentence or Milan Lucic knowing who the Miami Heat are? [ Freak Show ]

Crosby has been cleared to take off the jaw guard. Pic from Fansided.

Finally, the Hurricanes are teasing everyone about their new uniforms: