LINK CITY: Musical numers, Joe Morrow quote, Iginla, Season Tickets…


Brenden Morrow will wear number 10.
Tanner Glass will switch to  number 15.
Dustin Jeffrey will change to number 17.

Also, Douglas Murray won't play tonight. He will play Thursday night and wear number 3. Probably should've just cut Tanner Glass.
Murray has the longest current goalless streak in the NHL at 138 games. MurrayPowerBall possibly.
— Interesting quotes from Joe Morrow on the trade. From John Bombullie at the CitizensVoice:

One last note on the Morrow-for-Morrow deal I found very interesting. It’s clear the Penguins have been trying to completely retool Joe Morrow’s defensive-zone game all season long. It’s very telling to see how Morrow described that process in a quote on the Dallas Stars team website …

“I definitely struggled the first half of the season trying to find my place and find positives in what I was doing. They nitpicked my game so hard in the defensive zone that I had to change a lot of things.”

Let's be honest. Up until Sunday, it was reported that Morrow was the Pens number-one prospect. But it doesn't sound like Morrow was quick to get the Pens' system. Also, backhanding the team that drafted you isn't such a smooth move. Can't wait for a Pens-Stars game next season.

After the jump Iginla rumors still alive for some reason.

Some French guy tweeted this out:

If there is one thing evident, it is the Pens do not want to mess with the makeup of the team. Trading for Iginla would do that. But that doesn't mean Shero can't say he is in just to dick around other GMs. Pierre LeBrun is saying the Pens are still in, as well. The whole Iginla thing is bizarre anyway. Good read on Puck Daddy about it.

Pens sent invoices to 2013-2014 season-ticket holders. Prices have gone up 4%. The Ducks are raising theirs 4.1%.  Lockout, shmockout.

Dave Lozo at has broken down some numbers, and it looks like Chicago's winning streak bests the Pens'. Have to say we agree. Patrick Kane sucks.

Dr. Mirtle looked at the moneyball-ization the Pens are doing with player personnel. Advanced statistics 24/7 now. did some playoff predictions back on March 15. They probably want a mulligan now.

Go Pens