Kris Letang said the Bruins don’t forecheck. Is he right?

Via PHT:

Like we saw in the game, they don’t really forecheck us, they just wait for us to make mistakes, and we actually gave them what they got, and we have to be better with the puck, without the puck, defensively, in all areas of the game.

Curious statement from Letang, and not really sure what he means. Hopefully a reporter asks him a follow up question next time, instead of looking at his hair.

Mike Colligan had this piece before the series began. [ THW ]

Letang was quoted:

Letang: “Boston is similar to Ottawa.  The (first forward) is in really hard on you. The second one is coming in, and the third guy is up high. Their defensemen are conservative on one side, but on the far side they’re aggressive.”