James Neal should have never apologized for hitting Brad Marchand

Day three of the national media leading the rage against James Neal, and ignoring the fact that Shawn Thornton committed a crime on Saturday night. Neal has been in the spotlight since the ugly incident with Brad Marchand on Saturday night.

– On Monday he was suspended for five games, which wasn't enough for the some people.

– On Tuesday he gave a presser saying this:

It’s not the smartest decision I ever made, looking back on it,” Neal said after the Penguins’ practice at Consol Energy Center today. “I’m glad he’s OK, but going forward, I need to learn from it.

“It’s something I can’t do, and I know that. I have to respect what the NHL has done and put it behind me and move forward.”

Of course the NHL community condemned these statements as disingenuous.

So, if you are counting, Neal has been fed to the Internet wolves for two straight days. Meanwhile, somewhere in a cave in Boston, sits Shawn Thornton. Thornton, very conveniently doesn't have a hearing until Friday. By Friday , the outrage will be at its lowest, the fatigue of this story has already been setting in anyway.

Dejan had an interesting tweet today:


If this is the case, the Penguins made a mistake. Neal should not have been forced to apologize. The whole incident, while ugly in appearance, does not deserve the outcry it has gotten. And it also doesn't deserve Dan Bylsma saying this:

I talked to James at length (Tuesday) about the situation, about how he plays the game, previous incidences he’s been involved in,” Bylsma said. “There needs to be some education, some learning in how he needs to play the game and how he can play the game.

Come on, Dan.

The Neal hit has somehow become this seasons poster child for corruption, and the NHL not " getting it."


The NHL has never gotten it when it comes to star players getting suspended. For god sakes did anyone ever look at all the shit Mark Messier used to do to people?

Neal was basically murdered on National TV last night, and the Internet on Tuesday. Enough is enough. James Neal doesn't need to apologize, and his hit was nothing more than him losing his cool. 

Five games was a excessive enough, and Neal was basically treated worse than any other suspended hockey player in history.

But hey enough about that, lets look at Sidney Crosby running through the crowd Tuesday:

Now, thats how you deflect. Shawn Thornton couldn't do something like that because he probably would have punched a kid in the face.