LINK CITY: One Missed Called, Bylsma jammed, Unreal painter

Interesting opinion from Kerry Fraser about last nights non-call on Double J.  [ ]

The expectation is (and should be) that obvious infractions will be called at any time of the game. There was give and take in this hard fought game and both sides gained some advantages from a 'generous' standard of enforcement that was extended to them. Once players enter a relative comfort zone that the Refs are 'allowing them to play' and anything short of a scoring opportunity or a puck shot over the glass will be called they often take advantage of everything they can.

The Boston Herald didn't see it that way:

For a moment, Jagr lost control of the frozen rubber, whose whereabouts would decide both teams’ fate, to Malkin, but before Bruins reinforcements could come to his aid, Jagr took things back into his own incredibly strong hands and not only poked the puck away from Malkin but got control of it. Jagr then sent the puck quickly and perfectly up to Brad Marchand, who knew where it was going next.

Just nice to see people talking about anything but Gregory Campbell.

— The Bylsma press conference on Thursday sounded arkward. [ SN ]

"I—I'm not coaching, don't coach, have never coached for my job," Bylsma said. "I coach this hockey team. When I came here—to win hockey games. That's where we're at right now. We know what's in front of us. We know exactly what's in front of us, with the odds, being down 0-3. But, I believe in that group, I believe in that team, I believe in how we battled and how we're going to battle, and knowing we have an elimination game in Game 4."


— Been meaning to post this:

  My name is Seth Leibowitz. I'm a tattoo artist by profession and oil painter as a hobby. I had recently broke my wrist riding my bicycle, and will not be able to tattoo for a total of 16 weeks. I have a lot of people and loved ones depending on me to take care of things financially and physically. Unable to tattoo I went into almost panic mode. So I decided to pick up a paint brush with my left and try it. I couldn't imagine brushing my teeth lefty. I seemed to become ambidextrous instantly. Its a blessing. So I decided to paint subject matter that would interest the public and sell. The pens have always been a favorite so I decided to venture into portraits of the city's favorites. I will be auctioning these paintings off this week and also donating one to the Lemieux foundation. It would be a great human interest piece to bring good hopeful energy to the city, and inspire others to never give up. Please contact me and let me know if you have any thoughts. Thank you for your time.

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