Investigating Tomas Vokoun’s number 92

Tomas Vokoun must really love the number 29.  He must love it so much that when faced with a new teammate already wearing the number, he decides to flip it to #92, the weirdest goalie number of all time possibly. 

So, what's with Vokoun's affinity for 29?  MAF's usage of the number most likely has something to do with Canadiens goaltender Ken Dryden wearing the number in his playing days.  But Vokoun is from the Czech Republic.

As fate would have it, Vokoun was originally drafted by the Canadiens in the 1994 Entry Draft.  He played one game for them in 1996.  He obviously couldn't wear 29 because Montreal has retired basically every jersey number.

Spanning his entire playing career, including stops in Nashville, Florida, and Washington, he has worn 29.  He also wears it for the Czech Republic in international competition.  We have no idea where this attachment to the number 29 has come from.  Maybe he's just used to the numbers and wanted to keep them, albeit flip-flopped, and we're looking way too much into this.

We couldn't find any big-time Czech goalies who wore #29, although Czech legend Dominik Hasek made #39 famous.  On that 1996-97 team where Vokoun wore #37, goalie teammate Pat Jabonski was wearing #39.  Vokoun took #37.

We have given up on this investigation.  Hopefully someone asks him.

Here's that time Vokoun got whacked in the head by a teammate:

Interesting little fact: Vokoun played for the Wheeling Nailers franchise in 1996, Montreal's ECHL affiliate at the time.  Apparently they were called the Thunderbirds back then.