Interesting realignment rumors abound

We posted something a few weeks ago about NHL realignment being voted on near the end of February. Here are the realignment conferences, or divisions, that @FriedgeHNIC threw onto Twitter Saturday evening:

Puck Daddy has a take on this, as well.

Realignment probably got shut down last season because it was the NHLPA's first move in the lockout that was coming down the pike. Now that everyone is listening to Jewel together again, realignment is pretty much a lock.

These new rumored divisions are interesting. First thing is that the traditional Western divisions only have 7 teams each, compared to the traditional Eastern divisions having 8 each. It's hard to imagine a scenario where the NHL wouldn't keep the East and West conferences balanced, so that's what stumps us about these divisions.

A secret lies with that "wild card" tweet. Given the higher odds of making the playoffs out West, maybe the East enacts a new 8 seed vs. 9 seed one-game playoff or something to get into the dance.

Two big things about these divisions:

1. Detroit/Chicago rivalry ends. Wah. Detroit/Toronto rivalry will be amazing.

2. Columbus will be in the Pens' division. Yes, yes, yes.