How to beat the NHL GameCenter local blackout for $5 a month

Nothing is worse than paying for GameCenter and then finding out the game is blacked out because of local restrictions.

Problem = Solved

Issues at hand

1. If you have NHL Game Center, and you are from Pittsburgh you cannot watch the Games live. It is blacked out.

2. If you have NHL Game Center, and you aren't from Pittsburgh, and the Game is on a National broadcast, it is blacked out.

How to beat the blackout after the jump.


We expressed our own frustration about this on twitter a few days ago, and someone came up roses and showed us this site:

So what happens basically is they give you a DNS to change on your computer ( the tutorial is mind-blowingly easy.)

They have a free trial right now. We tested it out over the weekend and it is sick. We set our region to Canada, and watched both Pens games online. ( Works with your mobile as well.)