Homophobia is alive and well in Philadelphia

So, Crossing Broad had this article today about how "Racism is Alive and Well in Pittsburgh," after people that may or may not live Pittsburgh said some bad things about Wayne Simmonds.

First off, to those people who did say that about Wayne Simmonds, you're terrible people. There is no place for that. But the overall tone of the post by CB, and the shocked reaction by Flyer fans, is a little over-the-top, especially to so blindy label "Pittsburgh" as racist.

A Flyer fan pointing out vulgarity on the Internet is like Kate Smith becoming the next Weight Watchers celebrity endorser. ( credit to PSAMP for the joke)

So just to prove a point we searched "Crosby is a Faggot," on Twitter. Oh, those self-righteous Flyer fans would be SHOCKED!!


More examples after the jump…


Oh, wait, the author of the CB post hosted this pic on his site yesterday:

Hell here is an entire page:

So this is the part where we just thought we'd mention how beautiful all those glass houses in Philly are.