Help out a Pens fans who is out $300 because of postponed game

Just got this email. The Penguins home game was moved from Saturday because of the manhunt in Boston . This has caused some issues for people planning to go the Pens come tomorrow. From Cory King who lives out in the middle of PA :


I need your help and by tomorrow if at all possible.  My 30th birthday was this past Monday – April 15th.  My wife surprised me with tickets to my first ever Pens game at the new arena.  She had been planning this game since January – we drove 4 hours today from Lancaster – both getting work off so we could get in early and spend time with family – who is also serving as our babysitter for our 2 year old daughter (who by the way is a die-hard Pens fan). 

Long story short – we were exactly 1/2 way here this afternoon when they announced our game, my surprise present, and huge wish come true was just cancelled and moved to Tuesday.

Now we cannot stay, come back, or use our tickets.  Our relatives can't go as well, nor relatives in Erie.

We bought our tickets from a secondary site, so we cannot have the Pens buy the tickets back or exchange them for the last Saturday game either.

Any chance you could post my story, or recommend any help to me our we are out $300?

There are 2 tickets, Section 201, Row F, Seats 5 & 6.

 We will be in Pittsburgh area until Sunday at the latest.



Cory's email is, we also have his phone number and will pass it along if need be.