GRAPHS: How good has MAF been to start the season?

Marc-Andre Fleury has started the season on a tear. His only loss came on Monday night, when his high-powered offense was circumcised. With everyone hoping Fleury's post-season meltdowns are behind him, it's encouraging that he's off to the hottest start of his career.

While examining MAF's career, we decided to check out how the Pens' starting goalies have fared at the beginning of the season all the way back to 1990:

*The SV% chart doesn't show much wavering. Mousing over the bars will give you the statistic.

Here's the data in spreadsheet form.


-First off is Barrasso's GAA and SV% to start off the Cup years. Wow. We know it was a different era, but good lord.

-Fleury has traditionally gotten off to some pretty good starts. Tomorrow, we'll look at how he's started the season vs. his final stat lines.

-Advanced Stats rabble rabble.

-Wregget was cash. If Fleury wins his next two starts, he'll match Wregget's total of 9 from the 1995 lockout season.

-Sebastien Caron was a bad goalie on a bad team.

-Not sure what more you could've asked from Johan Hedberg.

-Aubin LOL

-Basically, in the grand scheme of things, Fleury has been a godsend to the Pens' franchise both in terms of getting the team off to good starts and providing consistency.


-Some goalies have records that only amount to 9 games. Those were cases where there they started but didn't get a decision.

-We eliminated the Shootout/Overtime Losses and went straight for Wins and Losses in the spreadsheet.

Data source: