GOOD READS: Pens standing pat? All about the TSN losing the NHL

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— Mark Madden digs into the Pens' structure. [ WXDX ]

The Penguins lead their division. But they don't pass the eye test. On the ice, they know one emotion: FRUSTRATED.
That's understandable. The Penguins are a team with too little tension. Except for the very bottom of the lineup, no one worries about his role. No one worries about playing time. No one worries about a harsh word from the coach. Tension on an everyday level helps you deal with bigger tension in big situations.

Honestly, valid points all across the aboard. Not sure what the solution is. though.

–TSN is dead. Long live CBC. Puck Daddy with the winner and losers [ Puck Daddy ]



At least the Pens bottom six will be better next year now.


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