NHL GameCenter will cost you $49.99 this season, NHL Center ice $60

Shit, we just realized Keith Jones is going to be on our tv soon.

For those wondering, GameCenter will be $49.99. From CBS's Eye on Hockey:

The NHL is still a business, and as much as fans wanted the league to do it, it wasn't going to give things away for free coming out of the lockout if it didn't have to (and it doesn't).


But the league will offer some things for a discounted price, like NHL GameCenter Live.

The league announced on Monday evening that a subscription for the online service will cost you $49.99 (or two payments of $24.99).

NHL Center ice is $60 via Puck Daddy.

Some things to remember:

  • You will not be able to watch the Penguins live if you live in Pittsburgh.
  • You won't be able to watch the Pens if you are outside the local market and the game is on National TV.

That last one is big if you're out of market because, via Steve Lepore, the Pens play 29 games on National TV this season. So really, you can save your $50, and roll the dice with illegal streams for 19 games if you really wanted to. GameCenter is a must however, if you don't have access to the NHL network.

It is a tough call. If you have the NHL network, and the NBC sports network save the $$$$. Overall there will be almost 163 games on National TV this year.  But if you don't, GameCenter is the way to go. 

We'd be interested to hear what many of the out of towners do.